The sheep are, well sheep.  Which is to say they are pretty docile, and a little goofy.  But they are not easy to lead despite what you may think. They are skittish, fast, and a bit less than intelligent.

There were two, a boy and a girl.  The girl is named Sheepie; the boy was named Dinner! Ha.

They make for excellent lawnmowers, are pretty good about not messing with plants and trees.  Just don't try to sneak up on them.  They take off, might run into you, try to get away, and pretty much perpetually surprised everytime they experience complete arrest of momentum as the rope slack runs out.

As of last week, two more sheep have joined the flock.  Sheepie used to run around with Luna, the buffalo calf.  But now she is showing her new friends around and Luna is on her own for a bit.

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