About Punita:

Punita has always been an enigma (although she occasionally has trouble spelling that word).  She defies definitions that may contain her.  It would take too long to start the story from the beginning so let's start from the conclusion - this woman is the reason for this blog to exist.

She is an adventurous soul who is always yearning to learn the next thing.  And that is where the whole farmhouse thing came to be.  After a bout of post-partum depression, Punita found herself in the backyard messing with plants as a way to get out and get some sun.  There, in the urban setting of central west end in Saint Louis, she discovered her dormant green thumb, and took to gardening like, well like a buffalo to a mud pond.

After a moderate stint in a gardening related non-profit work, where she also tested her teaching chops by creating and using science curricula for elementary school kids, Punita (and family) ended up in Florida.

And here the story took this latest turn, settling into a farmhouse and putting roots down for a buffalo and some bees, and finding some more friends for the big and small creatures.

There's more to come.  Keep in touch, come back often.

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